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Nude for All!



nude (the colour)



a colour of clothing or make-up resembling that of the wearer's skin.


Nude was originally named after the Western-European centric Caucasian skin tone. It is close to beige in terms of being a pale shade of the mixture of brown and white.

The Nude Gallery

The Nude Gallery is a celebration of inclusivity within the arts and commerce.


It will be Ubuntu Museum's first ever gallery.


The official launch of our museum and gallery will be this October 2019 during Black History Month in the United Kingdom. 

Inspired by...

Freed of London ( and Ballet Black collaboration on ballet shoes for Black and Asian dancers.

Dominique Apollon viral Tweet on the first time he wore a plaster that matched his dark skin tone,


"It's taken me 45 trips around the sun, but for the first time in my life I know what if feels like to have a "band-aid" in my own skin tone." (@ApollonTweets)

Our Vision

Our vision for The Nude Gallery is a space where conversations about "nude" items can be had. We want to share stories and peoples experiences and feelings towards nude items. We also want to celebrate people and organisations that have made moves to be inclusive and why - Why are they creating nude items for all of us?


. ; exploring the s whether they be about how people of colour have felt left  and development we have discovered a dozen or so companies that embraced the ethos of inclusivity and diversity in their product portfolios and our aim is to connect with them to celebrate the possibility of a future which is conscious in producing product for everyone. 

Ubuntu Museum Ltd operating as Ubuntu Museum. Company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales.

Company Number 11366083

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