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Roehampton R.O.C.K.S!

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Roehampton R.O.C.K.S! at The Alton Activity Centre on Alton Estate in Roehampton


We are currently in residence at Roehampton R.O.C.K.S! in South West London, which is a non-profit creative arts space for children, their families and all diverse groups in Roehampton.

This year we aim to engage our local community (schools, universities, businesses and arts institutions) in workshops that foster inclusivity and diversity, that will culminate  in Ubuntu Museum's official launch in October 2019, with the unveiling of our first every gallery - The Nude Gallery.



Children at Roehamptom R.O.C.K.S! striking some poses in their first 

Ubuntu Museum workshop "What do you think of ballet?" workshop


Children at Roehampton R.O.C.K.S! designing costumes for ballerinas

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