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Very interesting exhibition. Have never thought about the colour of plasters before. Surprising how many daily items are not inclusive of people of all colours.

(O. Lambert)

Absolutely amazing how the little things people don't think about have been brought to everyone's attention - concerning things that black people have not been considered for. Before coming here, I was naive to all this. So I think it's great to see!!

(Lea Johnston)

Great exhibition reflecting what's happening today. Makes you think! Hope this exhibition travels far and wide.


Open my mind to new information. It was lovely. Very interesting! Brings light to different issues


A wonderful exhibition full of such engaging and fascinating information. The children of 5T have really enjoyed their experience today! Thank you and Congratulations!

(5T, Heathmere Primary School Roehampton)

Amazing exhibit! Informative, affirming and inspirational.

Nice to see myself and my culture reflected in everyday objects.


Very interesting and engaging. We should invest and celebrate our culture.


Very thought provoking and a great celebration of change - at last! 

Long may it continue.

(Kathy Johnson)

I was so impressed. The exhibition was clear to understand, with great pictures. It should be taken around schools and clubs.

(Dene Lyon)

I liked it because it entertained me and we made our own emoji

(Amiyah Aged 8)

What I liked about this is that we learnt about black and white people, ballet shoes, dolls and fashion.

(child Aged 6)

I liked this because it was fun and you get to make an emoji of yourself.

(Skylah Aged 8)


Really nice display. Need more people to come down and see this study.



This exhibition is highly thought-provoking and eye opening. Everyone should see it.

(Iori Harries)

It was amazing to see the exhibit. It further opened my eyes to how things are designed from a very narrow perspective... I've learnt something new!!

(Anthony Barnett)

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